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The Riddle


Custom Snare drum

Media: Oils, Acrylics

Dave Sanders (drummer from Falling Red) asked me to hand paint his drum and gave me a free reign on the design.


I never use a normal shape of ‘canvas’ for my work anyway, but this drum was a whole new
level of challenge. I also love to tell a story with my paintings and how do you tell a story on an object that has to
make sense to an observer no matter which angle or direction they look at it from? 


So I had to come up with composition and characters that interact with each other and works both
ways whether you turn it left or turn right. The drum tells a different story depending which
way you turn it which I think is fun. It’s up to a ‘reader’ to decide which story is the one that
resembles his inner world.


I love the fact that the drum is an instrument and in a way I had to play with it, so that metaphor itself gave me an idea to paint inside of the drum as well.


I have created a riddle on the inside of the drum. To 'crack' the riddle you have to look for missing words on the outside painting of the drum.

Life is a game and we are just a bunch of rats trying to figure out this labyrinth, so – PLAY!

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